by Remission

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Music and lyrics by Remission

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released August 1, 2009

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REMISSION Santiago, Chile

Est. 2008

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Track Name: Remission
Surrounded or alone I undergo a state of remission in where reflections flow. Decisions then emerge based on what I've learned.

Distractions always exist as I am learning to resist and filter out all the noise to gain control over my own voice.

My ears they go deaf and eyes they turn blind to reach the corners of my confused mind. Solutions to my problems is what I intend to find.

To gain control, in remission.
Track Name: Love
Waiting so long for her to come. Time appears eternal not meeting who I want. You're made to believe it's easy to have but it's something that you make and most people lack. Encountering someone to whom you can give yourself to heart and soul and get it back.

Love is take and give. We need it to live. Love is the fire here to fulfill your desire.

Building patience enables growth. Confidence, maturity in need to make it work. Accept each other with nothing to hide because love is an emotion that doesn't accept lies. When I'll tell you you're beautiful I'll mean that in every form, not just on the outside.

Essentially it becomes a need: Love.
Track Name: Indifference
Struggles rise deep from within. It starts to blur once they begin. What they want is to defy my desires to go on trying. That void of feeling won't overcome my greater passion to get things done.

One on one, I'll fight myself until I've won against my apathy. I'm running and it's chasing me.

It's common sight at some point in time surrendering to the weakened mind. Self conflicting questions inside
are resolved by answers only I provide. I won't give up and I won't be beat by my own indifference kept buried underneath.

It's chasing me. Fighting against my apathy I'm running and it's chasing me. What it wants is to defy my desires to go on trying but I won't get left behind.
Track Name: Controlled
Seeing is believing. My mind won't fit the mold imposed since early childhood. I refuse to be controlled.

Question what you're told and the future is yours to own.

Spread of false creations is getting out of hand. People thinking by themselves is what really should expand.

I refuse to be controlled.
Track Name: Burden Of Shame
The pain they've gone through wasn't felt by me but the only sensation I get is sympathy. Crimes against humanity cannot be justified by a model of economy because they're stealing lives.

Repression, aggression, a burden of shame. This country is stained with blood and a thousand of lost names. Families and ideals destroyed, it's obscene. The end will never justify the means.

It never will. Let's not forget that blood was shed.
Track Name: Reach Out
What makes us different, is it our stance or our skin? Perhaps it's appearance or the places where we've been. Pointless facts of life are the answers that you give. Society is half blind, let's improve the way we live.

Help end the prejudice. Learn from the past's mistakes.
Subject's repeated but I still see it.

Reach out to who you want regardless where they're from. Pass judgments over others for who they really are.
It's easy to discriminate when you choose to live in fear. It's a major social conflict whose solution is right here.

Reach Out. What makes us so different?
Track Name: Imaginary
Breathe in slogans and exhale the lies. I've reached the point where I can understand the signs.

Patriotism can't you see gives off a sense of pride that's imaginary. I know no boundaries and embrace the concept of humanity. We're all the same.

Our definition comes from what we know. In no way is it the country where we're born, where we grow.

It comes to my attention borders aren't just simple lines while ignorance goes on and nationality divides.

No boundaries.
Track Name: Mistaken
Faked a grin and held it in. I started to pretend then met my end.

My end. Wrong.

Aimed to please. I was on my knees but now I'm real
with how I feel. It felt wrong. I was wrong.

Held back by fear, I won't go another year. When doubts become facts then it's time to act according to my emotions which won't be kept in store. My feelings and my thoughts will remain an open door. If they were to sink
and I chose to ignore then another final chapter in a sad relationship is what I'll get.
Track Name: Accept
Seems like it's all over. Maybe it's just me. I dwell upon the memories and the way we used to be. There's so much time ahead. I know that for a fact. It's hard being pulled apart but it's harder now to drop the past.

I guess I will have to accept the new day. Get closer to others that can bring a smile to my face. I guess I will have to accept the new day. I've been stuck living in the old because in my eyes those days were gold.

For better or for worse laughter was all we knew. Once we were inseperable the world just felt like me and you. I think that out there somewhere two friends have what we lost. It clouds my mind to the darkest gray and reminds me to let go today.