Winds Of Promise

by Remission

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Music and lyrics by Remission

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released January 15, 2011

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REMISSION Santiago, Chile

Est. 2008

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Track Name: Winds Of Promise
Look into these eyes and read sincerity. I'm driven to you by a flow.
It's sprung from the soul, encircles the heart and finds its way out in the form of love.
It's harder for you to say what we both feel.
Crimes won't go unpunished, soon you'll know it's real.

These feelings towards you, profound, intensified.
Rebuilding my loss with a question: ¿Will you let me be yours?
because I love you more, so much more.

Winds Of Promise are here to stay and I won't have it any other way
because these winds of promise with truthful love will end the solace for you.
Track Name: The Stranger
A child in his bed cannot fall asleep
wondering incessantly about falling in the deep.
He's the stranger.

What's unknown scares him. He just can't understand
and soon begins to realize he won't when he's a man.
He's the stranger.

At last came that time and those fears exit his mind,
accepting death and life with no faith in disguise.
He's the stranger.

Morally detached from what the masses impose and how they act.
The system brands him the stranger for the presence of god that he lacks.

His beliefs in nothing except what he has lived and felt
do not make this man a rebel, just authentic to himself.
He's the stranger.

All that he knows for sure is the fall into the obscure
and you can't fight nature's indifference to human life.
He's the stranger.
Track Name: Isolation
Confined, no liberty. I would have never expected this. Distanced all by myself with my thoughts and silent screams.

Uncertain about what my future holds from all the truth gaps that I am told. Away from those that I hold dear. Besides the pain overcoming fear is isolation reminding me of why I'm here.

Actions caught up with me. There's no escape from this tragedy. When you do something wrong it won't take isolation long to arrive.

Minutes seem like hours. Days becoming weeks. This desperate sensation it invades me as I speak. Your visit serves me comfort but it won't last for long because soon the isolation returns from where I've wronged. All by myself. In isolation.